About VWS

The Volunteer Workforce Solutions (VWS) is meant to help improve volunteer firefighter recruitment and retention.

As part of the VWS program, the CFCA provides marketing material, training and support to Connecticut departments to assure the success of their recruitment and retention campaigns. In addition, the CFCA provides leadership and recruitment and retention seminars throughout the state of Connecticut. Data collected from the VWS program has been used to identify best practices and contribute to the fire service’s body of knowledge related to recruitment and retention.

In addition to marketing material and training, the VWS Program offers departments assistance with basic firefighter entry level training courses as well as NFPA 1582 physicals for new recruits and scholarship assistance to regional, state or national volunteer related conferences. These resources will allow departments to have potential volunteers be fully adept in handling daily operations as well as increasing the safety in their community.

Our Supporters.

The Volunteer Workforce Solutions program is made possible by program partners including the Connecticut Fire Chiefs Association and the International Association of Fire Chiefs.

Our Mission.

We've set out to help fire departments recruit members, and to point potential volunteers in the direction of a department that fits their need.

What we Do.

Assisting and providing support to fire departments in recruitment and retention efforts statewide. VWS helps create marketing materials, training, and support for departments who seek to recruit potential volunteers.